Pull Up Banners Deluxe

Pull Up Banners Deluxe



Deluxe Pull Up Banners

Size & Price

1 – 850 x 2000 mm:    $150
( PU-D85 )

2 – 1000 x 2000 mm:  $210
( PU-D100 )

3 – 1200 x 2000 mm:  $279
( PU-D120 )

4 – 1500 x 2200 mm:  $375
( PU-D150 )

(All prices exclude gst & freight charge)

Total estimate weight

1 – 4.5 KG
2 – 5.5 KG
3 – 6.5 KG
4 – 8 KG

Format: PDF of High resolution JPEG

* Please setup in 1:1 scale with 150DPI
* If you request colormatch service, supply
us high resolution PDF

Font: All the text Must be outline

Color Mode: CMYK

Deluxe Pull-up Banner can be used individually or tiled for extra impact and have endless uses from common tradeshow or exhibition,as an indoor retail display or even a boardroom or reception branded signage.

Displayed graphics simply roll out of base,and are secured with a telescopic pole.Graphics then retract back into the Pull-up banners base for secure transportation with the added protection of a padded canvas carry bag.

Floor space is not an issue with Deluxe Pull-up Banners as they occupy very minimal.Deluxe Pull-up Banners with a wider base to add extra stability as do their counter weighted quality anodized aluminium construction.

Deluxe Pull-up Banners are a portable and take less than a minute to set up.They are available in various sizes and styles to suit your requirements and have flexibility to replace printed graphics.


Deluxe Pull-up Banners are ideal as:

  • Tradeshow Display
  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibition Display
  • Product Launch Display
  • Product Demo
  • Retail Display
  • Conference Signage
  • Press Release Backdrop Display
  • Reception Signage

Deluxe Pull-up Banners feature:

  • Wide-body modern design
  • Quality aluminium construction
  • Quick seconds setup
  • Extremely portable display system
  • Uses minimal floor space
  • Graphic protected in base and bag while in transit
  • Used individually or tile multiples for extra impact
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